Monday, June 15, 2015

The hardest step was the one that got us out of bed!

Braving the cold morning of a glorious winter Sunday, we conquered another hill in our journey.

It is our collective pleasure to announce to the world that all our B.E. LIVE  team are officially bicycle riders.

The learning from the outing (even at risk of sounding like a self help book):

- To keep balance and avoid obstacles we must look where we want to be, and not where we are.
- Balance is in the center of the head, and the ears work like a gyroscope. Ears balanced = all good.
- You can be riding perfectly on your own, and then the bug of fear bites, then you shall fall.
- Fitness starts in our mind.

Imagine with all your mind.
Fun and -almost- heart attack were mixed  in our sensory experience of seeing the world from another perspective and commanding our bodies to a new level of control. It was a session that exercised our physical and mental strength.

B.E. LIVE with all your heart

"The ecstasy exploded within us.
We wanted to laugh.
to cry,
to scream out loud
At this perfect moment
of achievement.

Achieve with all your might.
She was whole
She was alive"
(slightly modified version of a poem by - Salil Jha)

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