Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Side effects may include sweating, euphoria and general awesomeness!!!!!!

Our B.E. team is Live.

We had our first training session in the 2015 FUNd raising series. Outside of our comfort zone, we were collectively challenging our limits.

The learning from our outing:
- We all all less fit than we think we are.
- We are all more enthusiastic than we thought.

Let's make like a wheel and roll!

The Bike park has several trails, between all of us, we did green and some blue (beginner and intermediate) routes.  We enjoyed the winter sun, an improvised picnic and some of us were really stiff on Monday.

Pretty Tyred....

Safety tips for cycling off road:

a. Do not use your feet to stop, rather use the breaks (this will keep ankles safe).
b. The bikes have gears, and knowing how to use them can save us from a big fall as well as save us energy and effort.
c. Do not be afraid of falling. Rather learn to fall safely.

We missed some of our team members, but were joined by B.E Friends who share our dire physical condition and our excess of confidence!!!

Coming up next: SPIN-A-THON

Watch this space and join us for the most epic spinning B.E. has ever seen. 

B.E. LIVE The fun is ON.

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