Sunday, May 31, 2015

Let's go ride a bike!

Beit Emanuel, a vibrant community of faith, has opened a new space for all members and friends to get involved, learn about the practicalities of running and maintaining a strong organisation, and the challenges that one institution of this nature faces on a day to day basis.

 FUN RACING is our opportunity to have fun while we help, bond and obviously Fund-raise.

Our first try at this will be the 94.7 cycle challenge and mountain challenge.

So far we have a team of 7 athletes and athletes-to-be which includes our leader, Rabbi Shaked.

Some of us are seasoned cyclists, some of us are really rusty, some of us are going to learn how to ride a bike... Watch this space for interesting updates and if you are up for the challenge, join us for the grittiest race in town!!!