Monday, August 17, 2015

B.E. took us for a ride :-)

A bit stiff and smiling I am happy to declare our first B.E. Spin-a-Thon a success.

We are thankful to mighty HaShem for bringing us to this journey; to all the people who made it possible by voting with their feet and joined us to a full studio on a perfect Sunday morning; to our instructor Owen who made us push our limits; to Planet Fitness for the wonderful venue; to Bennetts and Mediterranean Spa for their contribution towards our goody bags and to all the people who helped us organize this to make it the lovely day it was .

Our findings from the day:

1. Spirit has a thousand times the power of muscle,
2. You are never too old to try something new,
3. People can be extremely generous with their time, money and energy,
4. People with (serious) babalas can survive strenuous exercise when powered by sheer passion!

This event reflected B.E. as a community: It was open, diverse, free, fun, loving, mindful and full of friends. As a team we are encouraged to continue sweating for our shul.

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