Monday, October 26, 2015

Sponsors, this is your chance to shine

Dear Sponsors,

We have been sweating hard, pedaling for our shul. It has been a wonderful and exciting experience where we have learnt about limits, enthusiasm, love, community and the fact that our fort (shul) is a weak structure and it needs us to make it the beautiful, grand holy place it is.

We have had many events, talks, prayers, activities, in it. Its walls are held by our faith and our presence. Our strength is its strength. You are in turn our strength. You, our loved ones, our families far far away from sunny Jozi, our friends right here. You can make the difference that we are so eagerly pursuing.

Please donate generously. If you have come to our prayers, if you have taken part in our community, if you feel inspired by what we are as a community. You are a click away to help us keep our light on, now when the dark times are hitting our doorstep.

B.E. with us.

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